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Two Simple Ways To Make Free FIFA21 FUT Coins

Who does not like free things, of course, we all do and it feels good receiving free things when we know it is a privilege that were it not there we would incur the cost to have them. The FIFA 21 is very captivating and every chance that you have to play and have an experience on it should be highly valued and utilised. Therefore on the same note, the FIFA markets such as the BUYFIFACOINS.COM, have put in place mechanisms to have you win your Free fut coins through very simple processes.

BUYFIFACOINS.COM ways to win free FIFA coins.

Opening the Giveaway section

If you do not have an account with BUYFIFACOINS.COM, you will not be able to get access to the giveaway services. You, therefore, need to create an account. You will be led through simple instructions where you will be required to feed in your personal information, submit and boom your account will be created very fast,

Once you have the account, you are now able to access the giveaway services. This is how you begin to win the free coins. Take a look at some of the things that will give you FREE coins in the BUYFIFACOINS.COM FIFA market.

  • Answer the questions you will find on the giveaway page. These are very simple questions that a sharp person like you can score all of them and win all the points due. Every correct answer wins you 200 entries each. This is a very great chance that you cannot lose. Join the giveaway platform and get to withdrawal yours too.
  • You will be able to win FREE FUT coins by checking on the latest price of the FIFA coins daily. The system will automatically direct you to the relevant page.

Keep browsing the page for a while then get back to the Giveaway section you will be able to win 399 entries.

Share referral links to friends (affiliate program)

This is an affiliate programme that involves network marketing. Maybe your friends playing FIFA21 doesn’t know that they can have free coins via affiliate marketing, more coins mean more games and more good experience. Share your link with them and you will have benefits if they purchase 100k and more coins each. This is the plan

You send a referral link to your friends let say Five of them. Each of the five manages to buy 100k coins and above. You will be able to win 10k coins from each of the referrals. That makes a total of 50k coins from the referrals. This is amazing and this is a good amount to purchase players.

You can get potential clients from your Facebook accounts, what Sapp groups, Twitter, Telegram Instagram among other platforms. The longer the chain the greater commissions you have the more games you will play and the more fulfilment you will get. FREE FUT coins will be pilling your account every time your referrals chains extends at the comfort of your seat. This is an interesting business.

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