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The Best Affordable Optical Transceiver Module

Many like you and I get to the market without the knowledge of what exactly we want to buy. In this advanced world of technology, it is very easy to get maneuvered and without your attention, you realize you have purchased something you did not need or it is not of the quality you expected. It is therefore wise to gather some information on your own and find exactly what you are going to purchase. Put in place all the specifications from the types, models, series and other specifications. You will also need to assess your environment clearly to understand the range and so on. Starlink manufactures are among the best optic manufacturing company that can manufacture quality optic products approved by MSA and other relevant authorities.

Starlink 40G Optical Transceivers manufacturer has stood out unwavering in the market for a long time now. This is because it has outstanding quality features that meet your needs. 40G transceiver is available for you in three types. SR4, LR4 and ER4

Affordable power consumption

The 40G optical transceiver series is one of the most affordable transceivers you can ever have. If in case you are having huge bills to pay power bills will not be a headache for you while using the 40G Starlink transceiver modules series. SR4 consumes power of up to 1.5 W ER4 consumes up to 3.8W while LR4 3.5W and below.

Suitable Distance

Distance is another inevitable factor you will need to consider. It will be very frustrating purchasing Transceiver later to realize that it cannot cover the distance you need to be covered. Starlink 40G QSFP +SR4 can cover a distance of 150 M . This will be favorable for you if you need to operate on a small area such as a building or two. SFP+ LR4 can cover a distance of up to 1Okm which relatively a wide distance area. QSFP +ER4 can cover the largest distance of 30km. This will be the best choice for a large area cover networking.


Light is involved in the transmission of data. There is the Measure of the distance that optical transceivers send data. You will therefore have to make the right choice of the wavelength that you prefer. Starlink 40G QSFP+SR4 has 850 nm, while 40G QSFP+LR4 and QSFP+ER4 has 1310 nm each.

Favorable Temperature extremes

The Starlink 40G Starlink transceivers have the most favorable temperature extremes to work with. They make work so efficient as the systems will never heat up and slow down or malfunction in any way. The 40G Starlink transceiver modules operate from 0 degrees Celsius to 70degrees Celsius.


You do not have to worry if The Starlink 40G QSFP+ will be com[partible with other devices. It is very well compatible with many devices such as H3C, Cisco, Juniper, Alcatel-lucent, Huawei among other devices.

The Starlink 40G transceiver modules are Led free making them very environmentally friendly and thus they are more preferable. They are also compliant with ROHS-6. These qualifications are inevitable for your consideration.


40G Starlink transceiver module is easily applicable in very many sectors such as Institutions for example campuses, Data networking centers, Metropolitan area networks among other areas.

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