An Art + Music Festival
Thank you to all whom attended we will see you again in 2016!

2015 Camps

  • Bangarang's Beat Lounge
  • Breakfast Club Detention Camp
  • Burning Hearts
  • Camp Bear Cave
  • Camp Beemore
  • Camp Contact
  • Camp Gold Star
  • Camp One Love
  • Church of Bass @ Echo Collective
  • Comphy Corner
  • D's Nuts Garage
  • Deadly Muppets Lounge
  • Grand Unbirthday Celebration
  • Gymnasium
  • Keep It Funky
  • Meso Creso
  • National Wildfire Coordinating Group
  • Pink Heart
  • Priority5
  • Saturnalia
  • SoundCircus
  • Spirit House & Tea Room
  • Strawberry Jam
  • Teapee
  • TG's Bar Presented by Yar!
  • The Garden Of Light
  • The Haunted Woods
  • The Love Muscle
  • The Strange Heat
  • TIKI
  • Wine Man Camp
  • Wonderland

About Freeform

Freeform Arts Festival is a transformational, interactive arts and music festival that connects artists and performers for four days (yes, that’s 96 hours) of events and activities! Freeform was founded to serve as an outlet to showcase talents among the underground artist community, forge genuine friendships, and to unite the dozens of art collectives that exist along the East Coast. Freeform is also a leave no trace event. Our participants ensure that their camps and public spaces are left in better condition when they leave then when they had found them.